The All New Banjo Minnow

The most lifelike lure ever created, the Banjo Minnow! It looks exactly like a real fish, swims exactly like a real fish but most importantly, it can mimic the spastic action of a wounded dying minnow, and the new patented detachable eyes provide more versatility than ever!

The Banjo Minnow has become on of the most popular fishing lure on the market. The Banjo Minnow kit includes 110 piece fishing system and a bonus DVD.

Banjo Minnow
is perfect for beginners to experienced fisherman. Dramatically increase the number of fish you catch on your next fishing expedition!

Banjo Minnow Fishing Kit

Banjo Minnow Out Performs Other Fishing Lures

Banjo Fishing Lure in clear water with reasonalbe visibility will easily out fish any other fishing lure in existence today.